Behind the Business: Rupert Elks Lodge – KMVT

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — For over 60 years, the Elks Lodge has sat between Rupert and Paul.

“This lodge was founded in I believe in the 1960s or 50s,” said Peggy Z. Gulbranson, the exalted ruler of the lodge.

They’ve allowed everyone to walk on in and enjoy a meal with the community every week.

“We have lunches on Tuesdays through Fridays,” Gulbranson said. “Lunches are amazing. We then have Wednesday night dining, and each week we have a special. People can always order off the menu, though.”

They’re proud of the community feel.

“It’s like meeting your families that you haven’t seen for a long time,” Gulbranson said. “We’re there for a common good.”

As a non-profit, the funds received from lunches and dinners go toward helping the community. They’re also involved with many organizations.

“[We work with] foodbanks that we have in this area – the Open Hearts Food Banks. [We also work with] the senior citizen organization.” Gulbranson said.

They don’t just provide funds. They also participate in many outreach projects.

“We also support the youth in our communities, and also doing community events,” said Gulbranson.

Perhaps their most well-known outreach event? Their free Thanksgiving dinner. You don’t need to be a lodge member to enjoy the meal as well.

“Free for anyone that wants to have a good Thanksgiving,” said Gulbranson.


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