Man rescued in China 17 days after magnitude-6.8 earthquake – ABC News

Man rescued in China 17 days after magnitude-6.8 earthquake – ABC News

A man has been rescued in China 17 days after a magnitude-6.8 earthquake which killed 93 people. 

Gan Yu was found on Wednesday morning, weeks after the September 5 earthquake, which was the strongest to hit the Sichuan province in five years.

Villager Ni Taigao said Mr Gan was shouting for help and crying when he found him. 

He had been living off mountain spring water and wild fruits. 

“‘Is the government here? My name is Gan Yu, tell them I’ve been found,'” Mr Ni recalled Mr Gan saying. 

Rescuers said it was a miracle Mr Gan, who was working at a hydropower station when the earthquake hit, survived, having suffered food and water shortages and low temperatures. 

The earthquake caused a landslide along the Wandong River, forming a dammed lake.

Seeing the soaring water level, Mr Gan helped his colleague Luo Yu to release water from the dam to protect villages from being flooded.

Rescuers transfer earthquake survivors across a river
Rescuers transfer survivors across a river following the earthquake.(AP: Cheng Xueli/Xinhua)

Mr Gan and Mr Luo stayed at the power station waiting to be rescued. However, they left the following day due to concerns it might collapse.

They were unable to seek help due to signal interruptions, had no food or water and chose to go their separate ways. 

On September 8, after being trapped for 75 hours, Mr Luo successfully attracted the attention of rescuers.

Mr Gan was flown to hospital for treatment after being rescued. 

Luding County People’s Hospital deputy chief physician Huang Junhua said Mr Gan’s vital signs were stable but he suffered multiple fractures to his ribs. 

Dr Huang said Mr Gan had also suffered mediastinal emphysema and would need further examinations.